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About us

Rebels East is an organization in San Diego County dedicated to rejuvenating youth soccer. We have brought together progressive coaches and a unique set of ideals to assure the best possible environment for the development of young players.


As former players, our coaches and administrators know that youth soccer is about having FUN. A lifelong appreciation for the sport is something we hope to cultivate in every young player we encounter. 

The primary focus of Rebels East is developing the mental and physical skills and talent of our players to their highest level possible both as individuals and as teammates. Player development is more important than winning games. In the long run, winning games is the result of successful player and team development. 

The success of Rebels East will be measured by its members’ dedication to excellence both on and off the field. We will emphasize the values of good sportsmanship, respect, integrity, and pride, in our players, coaches and parents at all times.

Thank you again for interest in our club.


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